There’s a growing demand for short term warehousing, coming from both small and big companies looking to go to market with operational agility. Stowga’s marketplace matches warehouses with underutilised capacities with customers looking to take warehouses space and services on demand. No long term lease.

On demand warehousing means that in good times businesses have the ability to be agile, to go to market quickly, to move to new geographies and run tests in real market. And if it doesn’t work out, then be able to stop prototyping at a minimal cost, without having to be tied into a long term lease. And during uncertain times, when market volatility is high, as they are with Brexit – it gives retailers the ability to scale their operations up and down to in tune with their business needs

The on demand warehousing model makes sense as it allow rapid prototyping of new business models and products with a low-cost go-to-market approach. While in more uncertain times (e.g. Brexit), when volatility is higher, it gives retailer the ability to scale their operation up and down to stay in tune with their business needs.

For the real estate industry, while leases are still going for 5 to 30 years, the predicted rental growth over the next five years of 1.0% pa, so offering additional services such as on demand warehousing offers a great opportunity to add value to your assets.