Fulfilment and fulfilment services refer process of receiving, processing and delivering orders to customers. It often involves the reception and storage of goods beforehand to be able to manage the whole operation on site.

Growing businesses and already established ones usually outsource this part of operations so that goods get shipped to customers and that returns are processed while they focus on other aspects of the business.

While all the sites available on the Marketplace offer a storage solution, some sites offer fulfilment and additional services such as: pallet handling, picking, packing, shipping nationally and internationally, managing returns, and custom logistics services that might be required to construct a supply chain solution.

There are plenty of choices available on the market for fulfilment services, but if you choose the wrong one it may result in angry customers and hefty charges… Because after all, you’re trusting another company with delivering the product and experience you’ve worked so hard to create. So you’d rather compare a few to make sure it’s a good one.

And using the Stowga Marketing it's easy, simply search for the warehouse and logistics services you need using the filters available, and connect with warehouse operators to discuss the specifics of your requirements.