Not all pallets are created equal! Pallets come in different sizes, so be sure to know what size your pallets are. Most use Standard or European pallets, but in the past we have dealt with custom-made double sized pallets, concrete pallets, plastic pallets and smart, Internet-of-Things-connected pallets (IoT). Just let us know what type of pallets you have and we take care of the rest.

Different warehouses are able to accommodate different types of palletised goods. For example, if you are handling food, drinks or other perishable goods you will need a climate or temperature controlled facility. If you are importing alcohol then you will require a wet bonded warehouse. If you are storing medical goods then you will need a site that has been MHRA accredited. We offer a full portfolio of specialist solutions to meet all requirements.

We offer flexible, warehousing on demand, with best-in-market rates for all of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Pallet storage for food and drinks companies
  • Pallet storage for frozen and chilled food
  • Pallet storage for saunas, birthing pools and jacuzzis
  • Pallet storage for chemicals, pesticides,dangerous goods
  • Alcohol storage including wine
  • Storage for publishing companies
  • Storage for media companies
  • Storage for retail furniture companies
  • Storage for commercial furniture companies
  • Storage for manufacturing companies
  • Storage for automotive parts companies
  • Storage for retail clothing companies
  • Storage for interior design companies
  • Storage for automotive and automobile companies
  • Storage for construction companies
  • Storage for government and military
  • Storage for commercial events companies
  • Storage for commercial music festival companies

Stowga has built up a network of third party logistics providers (3PLs), freight-forwarders, haulage and transport companies across the UK, Europe and globally, who can provide industrial-scale storage and logistics on-demand solutions.

Stowga's aim is to add new operational functionality to its warehousing marketplace that ushers in the era of fully flexible and efficient logistics services for customers worldwide. This includes a streamlined Control Tower type functionality with an intuitive dashboard and collaborative end-to-end fulfilment tools for customers to optimise operational efficiency and control costs, whilst maximising Customer Service delivery.

Partnering with a 3PL is a proven solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 3PLs can use their logistics expertise, economies of scale or niche specialisms to provide customers with a more reliable and streamlined service. This is both efficient and cost-effective.

3PL facilities offer flexibility to your business. Rather than tie up valuable capital in property, logistics, machinery, racking, etc – not to mention labour costs, outsourcing is the best solution. 3PLs are designed to scale with your business. 3Pls alow you to build-in modularity into your supply chain.

Whether your goods are palletised or not, Stowga can connect you with a logistics provider who manages all your warehousing needs. Transport from ports and airports, container pick-up and de-stuff, pallet in, pallet out, value-add services and finally dispatch via carriers or pallet networks.