Grey space refers to any space operated by a non 3PL occupier. The average occupied warehouse is 75% utilised. That means there is 25% redundant capacity.

Industrial real estate agents think in terms of occupied or vacant, but with all this spare capacity existing in already occupied warehouses it is not as simple as that. There is tremendous potential to revolutionise the market if we can access that spare capacity. Think of the number of warehouses across the globe. There is a huge, global market ready to be unlocked.

Stowga unlocks that value, and gives occupiers access to off-market space - at below market prices.

For warehouse operators Stowga is a way to monetise unused space. It brings additional income that, because operators already have their fixed costs, is income that goes straight to the bottom line. It is bonus income.

If you own a warehouse you will have spare capacity. Contact us to capitalise on that capacity.