Looking for ambient, chilled and frozen warehousing space? The Stowga Marketplace has suppliers with temperature controlled warehouses, transport, and fulfilment across the UK and around the world, and we have successfully worked with clients who require specific temperatures needs – both for storage and for movement.

Look for BRC accreditation. BRC Global Standards is a safety and quality programme used worldwide with a certification issued through a Global network of certification bodies. We work with a range of accredited warehouses.

The Standards guarantee the quality, safety and operations and ensure the fulfilment of legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are often a requirement of leading retailers.

For temperature-controlled warehouses:

  • Ambient is storage space that's controlled within certain brackets
  • Chilled is between 0°C and -5°C
  • Frozen is below 0°C

Please note that not all cold storage facilities will cater for both chilled & frozen storage requirements at the same site, so make sure to specify it in the search filters and mention it to the warehouse operator directly.

Also, please consider that the cost of temperature controlled storage such as chilled and frozen is going to be significantly more expensive than ambient storage because of the equipment needed to control and maintain the storage space within the right range of specified temperature. This increases the cost of running such said warehouse.

Cold storage is in high demand nonetheless so sites may appear and disappear from the search results as businesses book space and make new space available.