Why should I list my space?

The Stowga Marketplace allows any business with spare warehousing capacity to attract customers and turn empty space into additional income. Stowga makes it possible to market your sites to our business users globally. We have customers ranging from small growing UK business to large international enterprises all looking for warehousing, which brings a huge increase in visibility for your site.

How do I list my space?

Suppliers can sign up to the platform, create an account and fill in their profile... They can then use the Space Listing functionality to list the specific capacity available in each site and specify the cost of space and handling. This space will then be Live and available and customers will be able to search and connect directly with the suppliers to arrange a warehousing transaction.

What information is visible to customers?

Customers will be able to see the pricing that you have listed, as well as the site information for each site: location, accreditations, facilities, service capabilities and any other profile information. The customer will not be able to see your site name or contact details until they have connected with you through the platform.

How much does it cost to list space on Stowga

It is completely free to create a profile, list space and recieve customer enquiries from Stowga. We charge a commission only on succesful transactions through the platform. We charge 10% on storage and pallet handling services and 5% on all additional warehousing services and this is payable for the first 12 months of the contract. After that it's totally comission-free for the service supplier.

How long is a commission paid to Stowga for?

Stowga charges a commission for 12 months from the initial invoice after which no additional commission is paid. Obviously, after that time any warehousing transaction will continue as agreed directly between the supplier and customer.

How is the commission paid to Stowga?

On confirmation of a successful deal, contracts must be uploaded onto the Stowga Marketplace. Stowga is copied into all invoicing between the customer and supplier. The invoices are used to calculate the commission which is then invoiced to the supplier by Stowga on a monthly basis.

Can I manage multiple sites through the Stowga Marketplace?

Yes. After setting up your account, you can use the site functionality to set up additional accounts belonging to the same company and manage requests for each site through one profile on Stowga Marketplace

What factors affect my rating within the Stowga Marketplace?

Your rating is driven by the number of deals you have done through Stowga and also feedback from customers. Your rating is visible to all customers of the site and effects the number of direct enquiries you will receive.

How can I increase my chances of finding customers?

The best way to increase your chances of attracting and contacted on the Stowga platform is by having a fully completed and accurate warehousing profile, maintaining a strong supplier rating within the system and fair pricing for space and services.

How do I pause / hide / delete my warehouse profile?

Please email us at hello@stowga.com and we'll do it asap.

Does Stowga require any integration?

No. The Stowga Marketplace is web based and doesn't require any WMS integration. You can get started right away by going on marketplace.stowga.com

Do you require a software integration to be on the Stowga Platform?

The Stowga Platform is web-based and we do not require any software integration to be able to list space, quote or transact on deals. All alerts and notifications from the platform are email-based.