Who are Stowga?

Stowga is a team of technology and logistics experts. They are based in London and backed by well known investors including, a number of top tier venture capital firms and corporate partners.

What does the name Stowga mean?

The word Stowga comes from a Latin derivation from the word ‘stow’ which means ‘to store’.

How does Stowga work?

The Stowga Marketplace is the largest database of warehousing space and services in the UK. This includes 3PL’s (Third Party Logistics), industrial properties and vacant space within existing commercial warehouses. The Stowga Marketplace connects businesses that need additional flexible warehousing services with suppliers that meet their chosen criteria and requirements. The search interface allows customers to identify the most appropriate site, view details on the site as well as a price for handling and storage, then connect directly with the provider and agree on a warehousing transaction.

What makes Stowga different to existing alternatives?

Stowga has digitised the entire process of searching for and booking warehousing services, the Stowga Marketplace allows users to search for warehousing options and instantly view pricing. Customers can filter through sites by selecting various criteria to find the most appropriate solution for their bespoke enquiry. This process results in the most cost-effective, efficient and flexible warehousing solution – taking only a fraction of the time normally taken. This means no more wasted space for suppliers and customers only pay for what they use, when they need it.

What 'warehousing services' do you offer?

All the sites available on the marketplace offer a storage solution. Some sites offer additional services such as pallet handling, fulfilment, picking, packing, transport and many other logistics services that might be required to construct a supply chain solution.

What legal agreement does Stowga use?

The default legal template is a service level agreement which is available here. However, if the customer requires a separate legal agreement for more complex transactions or to conform with specific internal requirements, the details can be discussed with the supplier.

How long is each warehousing contract for?

Our contracts are structured on a 1-month rolling basis that provide both our customers and suppliers maximum flexibility, but it’s also possible to use fixed-term contracts depending on the requirement. We have customers using the Stowga Marketplace for long term warehousing contracts over many years, and others just for shorter seasonal or cyclical requirements.