Stowga Data Insights - June


Over the last month, we've seen a significant increase in demand for warehousing services from international clients. We had enquiries from clients based in Japan, India, Ghana and the United States, all looking for warehousing solutions across the UK.

For example, we enabled a transaction for a German-based retailer looking for a full supply chain solution: transport, storage, handling and fulfilment. Stowga found them an ideal site in Basingstoke, and we expect the demand to grow significantly over the coming months.

In terms of sectors, food and drink continues to be the largest segment of demand and especially alcoholic beverages in the run-up to the summer and the World Cup!

Stowga also facilitated a transaction for 1,500 frozen pallets for 10 weeks over the Christmas period to help solve the need for overspill – hence enabling customers to buy or sell space in the future.

thimap 1k-90


#2 Melons 🍈🍈

Who doesn’t enjoy a good serving of melons on a hot Summer day? Brits love melons and so we see imports double over the summer on the island.

Fun fact: melons do not digest well when combined with other foods, so it's better to have it just by itself and wait 30-60 minutes before eating anything else, if you don't want your stomach to rumble...

Japan is renown for the care they put into producing their crafts, including foods, such as their Kobe beef. But did you know that they also produce the most expensive melon in the world? Yubari melons! They usually retail for Β£15-20 a pop but last year there was a record sale for 2 melons going for Β£21,500… Now that's an expensive pair of melons... 🍈🍈

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#3 Calendars πŸ—“

If you have kids going to school next year, you know you're going to have to drop by the supermarkets and buy them a whole list of supplies... Fun times ahead...

But you're not alone and so we can observe a cyclability with a peak in August with 1,300t of calendars being imported.

China is without much surprise the largest importer, with 58% of the total imports. But what’s interesting to notice, is that when the imports ramp up in July and August, China becomes the lead provider of goods, whereas other countries keep their imports at fairly similar volumes.

July and August actually account for 50% of China's total import, and 28% of the yearly imports overall.

calendars 1k-90


#4 Water πŸ’§

With the hot days of summer people need to drink more and so we notice a seasonality increase in the import of water bottles, mostly from France and Belgium. They make some of the best wines and beers in the world, so we can understand why they'd have an excess production of water...

England is quite the consumer of water bottles, even when unsweetened, with 250,000 water bottles going for Wimbledon alone. It's also worth noting that while non-sugary drinks have a steady demand, sweet drinks are growing +14% Year-on-Year between 2015-16.

water non sweet 1k-90


If you're looking for warehousing space to store to some overspill or if you have extra space in your warehouse you'd like to make available...