We’re pleased to announce our latest service offering “Deep Storage” which allows any business with static inventory to store their product in a safe, cost-effective and efficient manner by tapping into Stowga’s vast network of industrial space. This service allows businesses storing inventory on a medium to long-term basis to drastically reduce their storage costs, free up capacity in their existing network and save considerable time in arranging logistics solutions.

How does it work? This service is designed for inventory that does not need to be picked, assembled or handled in any way, aside from getting in and out of the warehouse. To get started using Stowga’s Deep Storage service all we need to know is:

  1. What do you want stored?
  2. How do you want it stored?
  3. What time-frame do you need it back in?

Our team will then analyse your specific requirement and find the optimal solution by screening our database of over a thousand providers, to build you a tailored quote for the entire service. Once the service has been agreed our team will then arrange pick-up, transport and storage of the product(s) at a more cost-effective location across our network. We can insure your goods to protect against loss or damage and are able to give you full visibility over your inventory, if required.

We pre-agree a timeframe in which you need the inventory delivered and where you need it delivered to. This delivery can even be same-day or next day delivery if required which means you can access the inventory when you need, but also benefit from cheaper storage cost. All the legal agreements, billing and support is dealt with directly with Stowga and you will have a dedicated member of the team to guide you through the process and answer any queries.


How is Stowga going to give me a better solution than I currently have?

We have built the largest database of warehousing space in the UK with over 1 million empty pallet spaces and over 10 million square feet of vacant warehousing capacity. This includes 3PL’s, empty space within corporate warehousing and vacant buildings available for short-term use directly from landlords. We collect multiple data points from each provider including building specification, pricing and product expertise. The result is the richest database of warehousing supply available anywhere in the UK, which gives us a unique ability to optimise inventory in a way that previously impossible.

Our team take all the details of your enquiry and calculate the most optimal solution based on a number of factors including: product location, delivery location, type of product, turnaround time, transport costs, security etc;

Generally, most businesses store inventory using a 3PL they have an existing relationship with or in a warehouse they already own - both of which are unlikely to be the most cost-effective solution, especially if those warehouses are in prime areas. Stowga can provide a significant pricing advantage because we can store products in under-utilized warehousing (grey-space) or even fully vacant space, which is generally considerably cheaper than the current alternatives. The market for warehousing space is very opaque and we’ve seen through building our supply database that there is significant variance for pricing of the same service in the same location. We have the ability to use data and analytics to optimise for the best solution for your particular requirement.

0 This map highlights the disparity in pricing for storage for some of our biggest sites with the dark red hexagons 3-5x the price of the smaller white hexagons.

What kind of requirement is this service suitable for?

Any business with static inventory that is accessed infrequently, where businesses are looking to optimise the cost of holding that inventory. This Deep Storage service by Stowga does not include the breaking down of pallets, fulfilment or any other warehousing services and is designed to optimise the purely the storage element of warehousing. Potential use cases include:

  • Event-related logistics companies that need inventory for longer periods of time between major sporting, cultural or musical events.
  • Building and construction companies that need to stockpile inventory ahead of major construction projects.
  • Contingency supply of product for businesses.
  • Manufacturing companies storing parts needed to maintain previous projects that are not needed on a day-today basis.
  • Retailers buying and storing non-perishable items out of season.
  • Any business looking to stockpile inventory that is not needed straight away but for future requirements.

In summary, any inventory that does not require additional warehousing services but needs a cost-effective storage solution.

At Stowga, our mission is to “Optimise Industrial Space” and we believe that every business should be able to access warehousing in simple, fast and efficient way, which is why we’ve created this bespoke service. We’re already working with a number of companies including ASDA, XPO Logistics, Oakland International and BT to help optimise their warehousing and are keen to work with additional businesses to save them both time and money.

If your business is storing static stock and you want to find out how much you could potentially save or just want to find out more about this service, please drop us a note at hello@stowga.com or using the form below below.

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